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Aug 27 2013 - 12:30 PM
Lavender Summer: Pondering the Education Program
So seeing the purple fields, row upon row of long, slender plants dotted with honeybees, I ponder the brief summer, and dream of France or England. Better yet, I am closer to home -- right here in the North Fork, savoring by bicycle the last of our August holiday. I brake at the lavender farm, and lean the old Raleigh against a shed to select lavender-printed sachets, hand-painted china boxes, and magical, white-chocolate, lavender cookies for family and friends. When given as a gift, lavender means luck, or the promise of new adventure. The language of flowers tells us that lavender also symbolizes love, devotion, and purity. Native to the Old World, lavender oil and flowers can be used medicinally. Indeed it is a relaxing, reflective, healing summer. We explore sincerity and self-criticism; speak of mothering; consider copyright and an enhanced learning platform; connect juggling to the classroom and beyond; and showcase the history of TC and China for Shanghai science teachers. We display the news on pertinent educational topics, and complete our 125-day, 125th Anniversary exhibit, highlighting founders and presidents, distinguished faculty, pioneering programs. New artists among us, we host cool jazz, classy strings, eclectic contemporary. We discover that prime numbers influence a juggler’s sequence; chevrons masque options in online learning; copyright is automatic when creation becomes an expressed tangible form; self criticism melds with self promotion; sincerity informs truth; the “bumps” of mothering are part of life --and learning to live in the real world; historical ties bind education in nations. We feature Orwell, Stonewall, Piaget, Hong Kong, Medicare, World Population Day, the Stars and Stripes, Statue of Liberty, U.S. postal system, Battle of Brooklyn, Rosetta Stone – snipping history at the base, hand-picking our stories for Everett Cafe. I find there are about 40 flowering species of lavender– akin to the topics, ideas, events we experience. Just a whisper away from the Fall, I know we’ll harvest with spirit and dedication a fuller program of educational offerings. Peering through the elms bordering the farm, I fancy aromatherapy in lavender droplets over Manhattan, complimenting ribboned bundles in the French country, lakeside home. Snowy swans, great egrets, and blue heron deck the shore, quietly lapping. Wind in the leaves, our hammock gently sways.
Education Program: Summer 2013
Offerings Attendees
Socratic Conversations 2 45
Book Talks 1 8
Guest Talks 1 15
Films 1 7
Instructional 7 31
News Displays 11 n/a
Live Music 11 n/a
Total 34 106