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May 17 2013 - 12:57 PM
Balance and Momentum: Spring Education Program
Pedaling is the way a cyclist goes forward, maybe for châteaux, grey road ribboning vineyards green in a Loire Valley August, or for sweaters, woolly spin down the salt-slippery strip into Aber town, or for work, up past the North Woods on that crazy-cold NYC day, hands like birds frozen in flight. We provide points of attachment, not unlike a bike frame, core for all components. Book talks spin delicious themes - pro-disabilities (à la feministe), consulting (for the professionalist), spearheading debate in South African culture, questioning class in Asia-America, tapping talent in our workers, holding youth at the borders, pondering classic education theories, democratizing science, so that in Jhumki’s prayers bats are no longer misunderstood. Habits, love, America’s direction, exits or endings, creative aging in our population reflect new parts of the Gottesman collection. Tomes fresh, e-books flutter, words on wings - floats the question, a feather. Pushing from feet, to heart and mind, gears shift, socratically, Ron to Natalie. Child abuse, prison-to-pipeline, we advocate before the brake that slows our circles down in sultry urban weather. Educators speak in splendid cycle. Turn, HBS, C&T, on revolving topics- aging, health psychology, literacy, inclusivity, queerness, teacher visions! Bold on gender, FERA whirls the wheel, Youtube is our university. Twirl on, Harlem, with CUNY, historical illiteracy, while leadership, health, psychology, education shine the spokes for our anniversary. Colectomy rings a curious bell, minimally invasive, just as front lights fall on drugs or Yod. We round the corner with a nod, chain linking the news - a 125 day display, commemorates our history. We tribute Caesar, Joan, Amanda Smith, Poe, F. Scott, Walt, AG Bell. In black and white posters tell of boy scouts, tax, women’s rights, Spanish Florida, April Fools, history of the bicycle, built for many. Mounting Brooklyn Bridge, we dream the journey, our helmets snug like sky blue beetles peering down the East River deep. Its cables are designed like spider’s silk, casting comfort in our saddle - bluegrass, world, jazz, folk,  classical – students lively webbing. Left on tours, right on workshops, steers more learning - citation, stress busting, metasearch, happily riding in our city. Now keeping good pace, laud the delightful database - apps, women's innovation, child abuse prevention - and tune our vehicle, heading toward tomorrow's education. Upright and moving, May brings National Bike Month, just a Schwinn away from summer. Spring 2013 Education Program
Offerings Attendees
Socratic Conversations 7 118
Book Talks 8 110
Guest Talks 16 478
Films 3 69
Instructional 17 96
News Displays 22 n/a
Live Music 14 n/a
Total 87 871