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Sep 19 2012 - 12:03pm
Meet the Staff - Cassandra Cuppy
Returning TC community members might have noticed a couple new faces at the services desk in the last couple weeks. I’m one of those new faces! Cassandra Cuppy My name is Cassandra Cuppy, I thought I’d let y’all know a little bit about me. Where I’m from: Most of my family lives in Kansas, where I spent my middle school through college years there, so I usually tell people I’m from Kansas City. However, I lived in Louisiana when I was little and moved back there a few years ago - hence the use of the word y’all. I was living New Orleans before I moved to New York City and it will always have a special place in my heart. My educational and professional background: I hold a dual Bachelors of Science degree in General Management and Marketing from Kansas State University (located in Manhattan, Kansas). I was attending Louisiana State University in pursuit of Masters in Library and Information Science. I just transferred to Queens College this year to finish this degree. I have worked in a university library for almost 4 years, first as a student worker at KSU, then as a library associate at the University of New Orleans. Why work in the library?: You may look at my background in business and wonder how I ended up working at the Gottesman libraries and pursuing a MLIS. Well, it all started with me finally getting an interview at my undergraduate library. Like many students, I longed for an on-campus job - better pay, flexible hours, the ability to do your homework on the job. I had applied to the library a number of times and finally got an interview my fourth year. And then got the job! And learned a couple things pretty quickly - one, depending on what time a day you work, you can’t do your homework. Two, I finally found a job I enjoyed and something I could imagine doing as a career - something I never quite felt in my business classes. I never imagined I could make a job out of my love for books. Plus, I found that I loved having people find the books they needed for class or showing them that we had DVDs they could check out for fun. And the people I worked with were amazing - smart, funny and geeky. We could bound over our favorite books or argue about the merits of latest popular series. I also learned that there are different levels of employment within the library and I could look for jobs after getting my Bachelors without having to get my Masters right away. When I finished college, that’s exactly what I did at the University of New Orleans. And now here at the Teachers College. I still get a rush from knowing I can help students with everything from the routine, like how to print to the complex, like how to utilize our electronic databases to get started on a dissertation. Fun Facts about me: Favorite book: As a library school student and library employee, I get this question a lot and it is HARD to answer. It changes a lot, based my mood, what book I’m reading at the moment and a host of other factors. Some of my favorites include any book by Kurt Vonnegut or Douglas Adams. My favorites in the last year or two have been The Hunger Games, Divergent by Veronica Roth and Incarnate by Jodi Meadows. Find me on Goodreads for more! Favorite food: Again, hard to answer, because I love trying new foods and restaurants. My boyfriend’s slow-cooked short ribs with polenta are high on my list, as well as chicken tikka marsala and lamb korma. I also love chocolate, especially cupcakes. Favorite things about moving to New York: I have only lived in New York for four months now, so I still finding my favorite places, but there are things I’m liking about it, including:
  • The ability to get any type of food from any ethnicity
  • Good bagels
  • The Waffle and Dingles cart - Strawberries and Nutella
  • Stand-up comedy (seriously, I love stand-up!)
  • Broadway and Off Broadway
  • Central Park
Random other things to know about me: I love Doctor Who. (We have an eBook about the show here and here)I’m also a pretty big nerd about a lot of other things - Joss Whedon shows (learn about them here) Star Wars (eBook here), Star Trek (eBook here). For my fun, non-class reading, I read almost nothing besides Young Adult novels. The best thing is when my class reading is Young Adult novels, which happened last year in library school. :) I’m really excited to be a part of the services team. Stop by the library any time you need help or if you want to talk about the newest Doctor Who episode or express your frustration that third book of your favorite YA series isn’t coming out until late 2013.