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Jun 19 2012 - 12:34 PM
Life in six words, writers treasure
English teachers Marcelle Mentor and Amanda Stessen conduct a fun, enlightening workshop, Building Your Own Library Using Authentic Literacies. We explore Hemingway*,  Smith Magazine, and other great sources for the six word memoir -- opening our hearts and minds to “multiple interpretations, insinuations, explorations.” Yes, we find that those brief, oft poetic phrases spark the imagination and sharpen the power of a story. We appreciate that what’s not exactly said -- the curious unwritten text -- is appetite for conversation and learning in a group or classroom. Our give-away is a self-published booklet with memoirs we create using prompts of love, revenge, pets, and other universal human topics. Love Memoirs: Ever strong, through winter wedding plans. Love is watching his favorite movies. Constant understanding, words not always needed. Take my hand, take my heart. I called him and we cried. Love: remember to be selfish sometimes. Sometimes love hurts, but also heals. Additional Tomorrow is waiting to become today…. Parents retire, children become tech support. She hated the shoes, used scissors. Get even, but surpass highest expectations. I wish I knew. I didn’t. Exlax brownies. That will show ‘em! School over. Summer begins. Freedom returning. bird hunter. tightrope walker. goldfisher snacker. Burn book will burn. Caution: hot! Step, don’t live in another’s shadow. Pitch the ball, hard and low. Constantly rebuilding the foundation that crumbled. Weapons in hand, history repeats itself. * For sale: baby shoes, never worn.