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Dec 22 2011 - 05:49 PM
Unwrapping the Fall Education Program

Here are a few good numbers for you,

Enjoy them, a present, for all, shining true,

Heralding the attendees of collaborative events,

From September through December

On the calendar we went.

In the halls of great Gottesman,

With lively spirit and cheer,

We donned music, displays, a new tier

Of Socrates, films, scintillating speakers,

Cool book talks, and Vialogues’ captures.

People traveled from Germany, Canada, Washington, D.C.,

Vermont, Carolina, and even New Jersey,

Red Hook, Long Island, not to mention the United Nations,

Bringing fresh perspective, meaningful conversations.

There were talks about talking, rights for children,

Slam poetry, hip hop health, and liberal education.

A new series of movies on teachers and schools,

Posed oodles of questions, all the politics and rules,

Explored child’s play, the realm of imagination,

Infused special needs to widen our horizon.

We mashed up technology on Mondays in Russell,

Stayed current with Zuccotti,

Probed relationships and virtue.

We pondered our city,

As we scouted historic news,

For stories on Cannes, Rome,

Guggenheim, Ole Opry, to name but a few.

Books came alive with the presence of authors 

Who discoursed on diversity, Chicago arts, and many others --

Global curriculum, HIV, immigration of teens,

And the best of black experiences at two Ivy leagues.

We delved into confidence, character, philosophy in teaching,

Through seminars in innovation,

Oh, so far reaching!

Our gallant audience, seven twenty in sum,

Decked the halls to applaud

Sixty-eight events, not just one!

Violincello, voice filled the air,

Guitarbass, vibraphone rang clear up the stairs--

A remarkable range of gifted musicians,

More and more faculty, student, and staff contributions!

What a wonderful semester, stuffed like a stocking,

Merry tidings we bring, Santa is knocking!

Blue Jenny rides on, 

A Schwinn sleigh in the night,

Sprinkling crystal ideas,

In her mid-winter flight.

To the top of TC,

To the tip of one-twentieth street,

Dash away, prance away,

The Spring Program we’ll greet!


Fall 2011 Education Program Events Attendees
Booktalks 10 154
Concerts 16 *
Film Events 7 192
Guest Speakers 5 106
News Displays 16 *
Socratic Conversations 7 106
University Seminar 3 113
Workshops 4 49
Total 68 720
* Café attendances not included