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Sep 09 2011 - 02:14 PM
How Talking Together Can Enhance Your Life and Your Learning?
I attended the Socratic Conversation hosted by the Gottesman Libraries on Sept 9 and the topic of the session was: "Enjoying Great Conversation: How Talking Together Can Enhance Your Life & Your Learning" In this one hour session, facilitator Ron Gross led the discussion with guiding questions such as: 1. What do you value most in the best conversations you have? 2. What conversational skills have you used, or observed and admired? 3. How does your online communication (Texting, Twitter, e-mail, Facebook, etc.) complement, replace, or change your face-to-face conversations? 4. How can conversations in schools and in classrooms contribute more to the educational process? I found the discussion very engaging because conversations play a very big part in our daily life activities. We involve in conversations for various reasons.   Sometimes for rapports, sometimes for discovery, and other times for affirmations. Being a graduate student, I found conversations a great way to concretize and refine my research ideas. It's often not until people showed me confused faces after listening to my ideas, did I realize  how unclear I know about my own ideas. It became a challenge and practice for me to make my ideas understandable to others through conversations.  It's through those feedback, evaluations, and revisions that I develop clearer and clearer understanding of my own thoughts. It's also crucial for educators and researchers to be clear about their conversation goals, be knowledgeable about their prospect audiences, and have proper skills to moderate the conversations in ways that will lead them to achieve their conversation goals. The next Socratic Conversation (9/22) will focus on  "How Is Your Use of Technology Affecting Your Life?" Join us if you are interested in technology, communication,  education, and life in general.
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