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Jan 25 2017 - 01:40am
Building the Learning Theater

There are many dimensions to environments for learning.  Some are macro in nature such as the political environment for learning, the social environment for learning, or the network environment for learning .  Others are more mid-level such as the organizational environment for learning.  Still others are more immediate and small scale such as the interpersonal environment.  Each of these dimensions can be configured to support or impede learning of different kinds. The physical environment for learning is immediate and of growing concern in schools and colleges and universities as well as in forward looking workplaces.  As ideas of learning have evolved over the past several decades, so too have ideas about the kinds of physical environments that support learning.  With the construction of The Smith Learning Theater as a key component of The Gottesman Libraries, Teachers College has made a commitment to taking the physical environment for learning seriously and to creating a venue to experiment with physical arrangements for learning, teaching, and research. The video highlights some of the ideas behind the creation of The Learning Theater.  What environments have you experienced that had a positive impact on your learning or the learning of others working with you?
Posted in: Learning Theater|By: Gary Natriello|31 Reads