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Jan 24 2017 - 08:36pm
The Learning Theater Design Process

Developing the plan for the Smith Learning Theater involved a number of activities over a period of several years. Central to the planning process was a series of day-long design events conducted by the Collaborative Solutions Group at the Gottesman Libraries. These events engaged faculty, students, administrators, trustees, and friends of Teachers College who came together to imagine a space to support ambitious learning, teaching, and research. Several of the events involved learning scientists and specialists in adult education who brought perspectives from their disciplines to the task of designing a unique library space. This video provides a summary of the design activities and highlights of the ideas developed. You can find more detail on the designs developed at each event in the following clips: February 26, 2014 Design Event at Teachers College March 25, 2014 Design Event at Teachers College April 24, 2014 Design Event at Teachers College June 24, 2014 Design Charette at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences at Boulder, CO. October 24, 2014 Design Event at the International Transformative Learning Conference at Teachers College
Posted in: Learning Theater|By: Gary Natriello|9 Reads