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May 24 2011 - 10:54 AM
Just a little intro... my name is Michelle Illuminato, and I'm showing sculptures from the series, Belgrade: Dexterity Games as part of Game Show New York. I'm an artist who creates dialogue about people’s relationship to the land, food and culture through events, tours, sculpture, books and public works. I work individually and together with the group Next Question and currently am exploring ruralness in western New York. This summer, local and national artists will be invited to join me in Andover, New York for tours, discussions and creative responses. Some of you might be interested in visiting my blog for a course I teach with Brett Hunter at Alfred, called the LINE. Using GIS, we create a 5 ft. by 1 mile long line that runs through the two campuses, streams, buildings, parking lots, their own studio, and ends up in the deep woods.  This line and the space above and below, is the focus of the workshop, which asks participants to study their world through experiential research and the exploration of creative ways to share this knowledge. Here's where you can learn more Looking forward!
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