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Apr 06 2011 - 01:17 AM
Julie Newdoll of Brush with Science
Hello. It is a miracle that I found this conference.  Somehow, my convoluted journey from painter, to microbiology major, to medical illustrator, to movie special effects, to mom, and back to fine art inspired by science drove me to spend two years of my life designing and producing a chemistry board game and set of rubber stamps of the elements.  Right around the time I was finishing it up, my digital friend and sometimes collaborator, Jim Pallas, informed me of this conference.  I might even get to meet him face to face here! I am almost ready to ship my series of chemistry board games to the conference. Board game seems like the tip of the iceberg, however. It is interesting that there is another presenter with a Cabinet of Curiosity. My game once had a cabinet of the elements, which at some point morphed into isotope tins for practical purposes. I get the feeling that all this digital technology might be creating a need for the tactile. By the way, I am presenting my games as part of this conference.  There is something for all levels, and some orbital toys!
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