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Mar 22 2011 - 03:15 PM
Pressible Tips for New Authors
Hello Presenters and other Conference-goers who want to join the conversation, You've been serenaded, but are you using Pressible like a pro yet? After you've been added as an author to this site (use the "Contact" link to request this), here are some easy steps to enhance your work on this Pressible site:
  • Choose your preferred display name. When you post, your username is displayed by default, but you can change it. Here's how: Log in and go to the "Dashboard" (link on the header). Select the "Your Profile" settings tab on the left column under the "Users" section. This is where you can add/edit your "Bio" that appears publicly on the site. Select your preferred display name with the "Display name publicly as" drop-down menu. And save it. Presto! You're halfway to looking like a pro, because you still have to...
  • Put a face to your name. Sign up for a Gravatar, the system Pressible relies on to host your profile image. Why do it this way? If you already have a WordPress blog, or you sign up for one in the future, Gravatar helps you manage your online identity. With a little more effort up front, this service helps keep your online work more up to date.
  • Write your first post. It's easy to create a Post. Once you log in, click "Post" on the site's header, and publish. You can always come back and edit it later in the "Dashboard," where you can also embed media using the "Featured Media" field and attach small files (links to Flickr, Picasa, etc. are preferred). Introduce yourself and your work starting today!
For more general information, see Pressible FAQs.
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