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Mar 14 2011 - 12:54 PM
Welcome to Pressible

Welcome to the multi-author blogging site for the Creativity, Play, and the Imagination across Disciplines conference (CPID for short?). I'll be your host, but I'm hoping the site will grow and grow and grow to include hundreds of authors by the conference's end. Why, you ask? My top five reasons:
  • Anyone can join the conversation. Presenting at the conference? Attending it? Or not even able to attend? You can still join the conversation. Comment whenever you like, or use the "Contact" feature to request being added as an Author. See Why should I use Pressible for a brief overview of the system. Also, see how easy it is to create a post.
  • Meet new people, learn about their work. Why wait until the day of the conference? We can start getting to know each other now. The conference will go by fast, and there are a lot of perks to sharing your work in an informal way (have a blog already? tell us what it is and how to get to it!).
  • Dig deeper, and connect. Where else will you go learn more the work being shared at the conference? Pressible makes sharing on Twitter and Facebook easy—every post has share buttons. Also, a great way to follow this site is via RSS.
  • Grow the conference. Creating an active online space for the conference will strengthen the voice of the conference. This is increasingly important when people are putting their professional identity online.
  • Create a living archive. A multi-author blog can be a great resource for years to come. Plus, on the Pressible network, our posts will be related to other content across the network.
I'll be posting about using social networking tools in academia in the coming weeks. My talk at the conference is called "Supporting Academic Creativity with Online Tools."
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