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Mar 27 2010 - 09:16 AM
A New "Root" Site (Version 0.3)
We're up and running with a cool new homepage. We’ve begun adding features we see as essential to the future of the network model of publishing: up-to-date information on sites and users, data visualization of network activity, and links to the best content on Pressible. This includes:
  • Links to the newest sites. Though these sites might have no content, is it fun to see them appear? We think so, but we'll probably create a better rubric for showing them in the future (i.e., wait until they have ~5 posts).
  • An A - Z list of Pressible sites (note that this still includes a few sites on the WordPress installation that are not truly "Pressible" -- this will get cleaned up shortly).
  • Links to users (the "Get to know us" section). Right now this is limited because it links to a site only if a user has self-affiliated themselves with one (in the dashboard).
  • "Featured Sites" sections and a new editorial voice. Each week we'll select new sites to feature on Pressible, and talk about strategies for web publishing.
  • Better integrated sign-up/sign-in tools. Yay!
Over the next couple months, a lot of our attention will be on making these features even better. And we'll be working to make every Pressible site more connected to the network. Also, next month we're planning on putting a little more effort into Pressible's graphic design – after five months of development, and two months of serving an active beta, we figure Pressible finally deserves an iconography scheme and additional attention to its appearance (though, you've been good to us Helvetica). However, if you like the way your site already looks, don't worry about these changes – major changes to site design will be optional.
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