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Mar 24 2010 - 04:41 PM
The Data Question
While we've posted a lot of information about our development of Pressible, there hasn't been much talk of research. Luckily, the Pressible team sits within earshot of the R&D team for EdLab. Pressible does and will generate a slew of data; but our team has not spent much time thinking about fully-developed research questions that will inform both the use and continued development of the network. Of course this is a priority, but we thought we could benefit from some guidance about where to start, what to look for, and what to track immediately. Today we had a great discussion with members of the R&D team and senior members of EdLab about the useful quantitative and qualitative data to begin tracking and what we might hope to learn from it. We covered a lot, from the abilities of Google Analytics to tracking how people get to Pressible to teachable metrics to help users build (or, rather, maintain) more effective sites. It was great to get feedback and advice from people who have been working with this kind of data on similar sites for a while. A great brainstorming session about where our research and outreach efforts need to go, and another awesome collaboration with our fellow EdLabbers.  Thanks R&D!
Posted in: Pressible Development|By: Molly Riordan|275 Reads