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Mar 18 2010 - 03:22 PM
Discussion of the new "root" site
What should be on the homepage of Pressible? That was the subject of a development meeting today. We talked about the balance between showing off content that's on the Pressible network, and giving a potential new user (author) an overview of how Pressible works. In the end, balancing these two goals seems like the way to go. So how might we do that? We're thinking that the top of the homepage will contain a large "this is what Pressible is" section and a "sign up" section. Then, below, there will be a grid of "featured network sites" along with editorial patter on why we are featuring them. For example, we might feature a site because the author(s) uses tags really well, or publishes frewquently. Also, there will be a Pressible "Announcements" section that will sum up this content every week, as well as highlight technical changes, etc. (this will also be the substance of the Pressible RSS feed). Sound good? Thoughts?
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