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Jan 07 2010 - 03:22 PM
Meeting Recap: January 7 2010
Marathon meeting today! Eric and Patrick have been working on NSSE and another "special" project for the past few days which are finally winding down today. It was great for us to collectively turn our attention back to Pressible and revisit our original intentions for the platform and theme. First off, we're still slated for a January 22nd release. The guys managed make a few style changes to the special Pressible project which will rollover into the entire development, including fixing problems with paragraph separations, header sizes, and author metadata. They've also widgetized the themes into flatlists and hierarchical/ogranizational lists (list of x by y). As always with Pressible, the lists privilege recency. We made a lot of decisions about what we need to add and what we want to change, and here's a rough recap: To Add (not in a prioritized order)
  • Feature widget
  • Home Page widget
  • Default widget arrangement in the widgetized areas on each page type
  • Default codes or set up a plug-in to run default arrangement (correct me if I've described this incorrectly)
  • Default instructional/dummy content
  • Quantifier widgets (waaay down the line)
To Change
  • Header configuration: we decided to drop the square, add the four areas (Title {acting as home page}, Topics, People, Tags) and leave other customization like uploading pictures or making a dynamic header from the user's media gallery for the future.
  • Nix sticky posts as topic/author describers. We will solve the no-html-in-the-category-description problem with the Featured widget
  • Add A-Z list pages for tags, topics
Important Developments/Distinctions
  • We defined 18 distinct widget content areas that we should define default widgets for
  • Adding the ability to allow users to add their own titles to widgets
  • The difference between "here" and "all" in looking at hierarchical/organizational lists
  • Stickiness vs. Featuredness vs. Home Page status
Next Steps
  • Figure out how we could easily "subscribe" people to blogs or look at other "following" options as in Buddy Press, etc.
  • Tweek widgets for x by y abilities and styles
  • Talk to Gonzalo about new designs
  • Think about and draft instructional dummy content based on widgets/designs
  • Big, huge style sheets
As always, add what I've missed!
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