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Dec 17 2009 - 09:40 PM
Service, and its Terms
We've been thinking about our Terms of Service, and how they are going to promote Pressible while also protect us and TC from the apparent liabilities of hosting non-TC content on TC servers. Here are some of our thoughts: - When new users register, we ask them to self-identify as either "TC" or "Other." This will help us prioritize queries, evaluate opportunities for collaboration, and give us valuable data about site usage. - The ToS will explain deferential treatment of TC projects over non-TC projects, including but not limited to service requests, specialization, and our responsibility (or lack thereof) to user content - It may also include an item that explains that "other" [that is, non-TC] users may get booted if our user-base grows beyond our ability to aptly control it and hold the content. We would notify users of changes, provide them instructions for exporting content, and give them several warnings before their content is deleted from our servers. This, of course, is a "best case" scenario that hopes that our user base will grow beyond our wildest dreams in the next couple years, but it's helpful to build this in. - Eric also said it would be possible to develop or plug-in a service request ticketing system. We [the Pressible people answering the questions] would have our own unique, but it would protect us from having our personal emails in the hands of users or clients. **This will hopefully be built into the January 20th release. - We will automatically enroll TC users into a semi-regular Pressible newsletter and reserve the right to contact TC Pressible users for possible collaboration. This will be a great way of highlighting and helping to improve really good content, which, in turn, may also grow our user base. I think this is a good place to start thinking about ToS. I'm going to look into some other examples of ToS from similar sites, or sites whose success we'd like to replicate.
Posted in: Pressible Development|By: Molly Riordan|249 Reads