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Dec 17 2009 - 08:25 PM
Pressible vs. Pressible Simple
We've been lucky enough to have a few conversations with potential Pressible users/clients. To get them onboard with us, we've shown them our (unfinished) pre-beta sites which, in turn, raised questions for them and us. The specific "what ifs" we've been considering are: 1. What if you have a lot of content that you want to input initially (e.g. what would otherwise be static content on a "regular" site) 2. What if you only have one user? 3. How do we help people who want the functions of a blog, but are averse to having "a blog"? We have tried to answer these questions by splitting up our effort into two areas of development: We are continuing development of Pressible and what will eventually be the default Pressible theme, and at the same time creating a "training wheels" version we are calling Pressible Simple Pressible Simple will include some of the features that our potential TC clients are requesting: visible, hierarchical category lists; up-top menu labels that operate like "pages" in a regular blog; a super-simple color and font scheme. The idea is that we are providing the functionality that people want (that is, Pressible functionality) while keeping the most radical prospects of Pressible hidden AND limiting the ugliness/clunkiness of traditional blogging formats. It's a tricky dance, but by no means impossible. Pressible Simple will be available to members of the TC community who might need help transitioning from previous experience or outdated ideas about blogs and static sites; our ability to tailor it to their needs will be essential to solidifying our relationship with them and growing a base of TC faculty. Pressible [Real] is in development in tandem with it's Simple[r] counterpart, and will be the default theme for all new Pressible users. Self-identification as a TC person (interface to-be-developed) will make a user eligible for Simple or other bespoke requests. I, for one, think it is a great idea to have only one offer on the table to non-TC people: by giving people what we WANT to design, we'll create a non-TC user-base we'll WANT to work with and will help us make Pressible more robust for TC and non-TC users alike. Specialization is great at the beginning, but specializing based on user data will make for broader development in the long-term. For the time being, all Pressible sites are displaying the Simple theme.
Posted in: Pressible Development|By: Molly Riordan|261 Reads