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Dec 17 2009 - 07:29 PM
Status Update
Eric and Patrick are currently on the other side of our desk-island trying to figure out how separate child categories from their parent categories and display posts from child categories while having the option to hide/show the parent category. Or something. We had a meeting today, and I'll be writing up specific parts of our conversation, but here's the gist of things: - There's been a split and we now have Pressible and Pressible Simple (details forth coming) - Patrick and Eric are working on the Pressible Simple theme for functional release next week - The proper Pressible theme (ProjectPress) will be ready for a January 20th Beta release - There've been talks of multiple release date, with the full public launch happening in summer 2010 - Ideas about ToS, outreach, stories, and data handling More on each of these soon. They've stopped drawing on the white board, so I think the category-catastrophe may be solved for now ("for now" being the operative phrase when speaking of Pressible...)
Posted in: Pressible Development|By: Molly Riordan|236 Reads