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Dec 21 2009 - 02:50 PM
WordPress 2.9
WordPress 2.9 was released at the end of last week and has some features that are worth noting. Here is the WP blog post about the release. From a user's perspective:
  • A simple image editor is now built into the post interface. It allows for users to crop, rotate, and scale their images. This seems like a great tool to have to be serving large user bases.
  • WordPress now uses oEmbed which allows users to simply paste a video url( and have the url converted to a video, no more big blocks of embed tags.
From a Pressible developer perspective:
  • The feature I am most excited about is the ability to call images from a post with one little function, as opposed to writing out what images you wanted etc. This will make implementing images as a design source much easier in the future releases.
Time will tell when these features are rolled fully into MU, but 2.9 means that 3.0 is coming, WP says in the Spring, and the big leap from 2.9 to 3.0 will be full integration of WP and WPMU!
Posted in: Pressible Development|By: Patrick Carey|294 Reads