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Jun 30 2019 - 08:00pm
Why Personalized Learning Works

Public schools in Kenowa Hills, Michigan recently adopted a personalized learning model. Teachers are encouraging student ownership and shifting their own stance from provider of knowledge to learning guide. That doesn’t mean, however, that teachers’ jobs are any easier; in fact, the new model challenges teachers to carefully consider what each student knows and how to help them take their knowledge to the next level. Students are also encouraged to be active learners, constantly reflecting on where they are and where they’re going in their knowledge journey.

Students report appreciating the flexibility of their school’s new personalized approach, which allows children to move at their own pace through material. Teachers also add that the new model has given students a definitive voice in their own learning, which has increased their confidence in themselves as important members of the school community.

How would you define the ideal teacher-student relationship, and how can schools support that vision? Share your perspective on Vialogues.

Excerpts from the discussion:

@01:39 RuthS: When I grew up, it was still at a time when students were all treated the same without much personalization at all. Not that the teachers weren't good, but rather education itself was still more "assembly line". I think it's important for kids to find their own voice early on so that they can feel more confident in themselves as individuals. And when they do this, I think their desire to learn will naturally arise.

@02:09 Carmen Cortez: Can self-directed learning help define the relationship that currently exists between the student and learning? How is the student voice and role evolving under this new learning approach?

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