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May 21 2019 - 08:00 PM
Pramod Sharma
Pramod Sharma is the CEO and Co-Founder at Osmo. Osmo is building a universe of hands-on play experiences that nourish the minds of children by unleashing the power of imagination. The company brings physical play into the digital world through augmented reality and its proprietary reflective artificial intelligence.

How did your education and previous professional experience shape your current work at Osmo?

Google trained me to utilize tech in the most elegant form to make users happy. I was blessed with a wonderful teacher when I was in middle school, which transformed my life and created a long-lasting love for learning and respect for teachers. I have two kids, which gives me inspiration to use technology to help kids love to learn.

What has been the response to Osmo from users?

The response from parents and teachers has been extremely positive. There’s been a hole in the EdTech space for a product that really utilizes the amazing technology available to us but packages it up in a fun, functional, and most importantly educational way. Osmo closes that gap, giving parents a product they don’t have to feel guilty about their kids playing with, while giving teachers technology that enhances the classroom experience in an engaging and fun way.

What broad trends do you think will have the most impact on learning in the years ahead?

We are going to continue to see the technology and educational worlds collide in new and exciting ways for teachers, parents, and students alike. It’s not about technology taking over the in-person, active, classroom experience–it’s about how technology can complement, enhance, and more importantly extend the learning experience outside the classroom. We are going to continue to see new tools and ways of incorporating AI and AR, for example, into the learning journey.

What, if any, are future plans for Osmo?

Moving forward, you are going to see Osmo and Byju’s partnership grow even stronger. We are focusing on expanding the products in a way that plays to both Osmo’s and Byju’s strengths, and continues to build upon both brands’ reputations in the market.

Image: Courtesy Pramod Sharma

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