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Apr 28 2019 - 08:00 PM
Flockjay is an Online Academy for Those Wanting to Break into Tech Sales

"Our mission is to make tech accessible to people from all locations and background." (Flockjay)

Gaining Tech Skills Without Breaking the Bank

The tech industry has praise in recent years for being a field built by and supporting those who took less traditional educational pathways to success. Many expert coders and innovators didn’t learn their skills from acquiring a university degree, but through boot camps or personal experience. However, the tech industry is also burdened with the reputation of lacking diversity; access to learning resources, especially when it comes to skill-development courses, can be impeded by their often high cost.

Flockjay is a program that hopes to empower upward mobility by making tech education, and therefore economic opportunity, accessible to anyone. They host a $0-upfront online academy for individuals to gain the skills necessary to pursue a career in tech sales. Only after getting hired do participants in the program have to pay anything at all.

What’s Offered in the Online 12-Week Program

The course in tech sales Flockjay offers includes eight weeks of live, online classes of training plus four weeks of job search assistance, networking coordination, and interview preparation. Classes are three hours a day, leading to 200+ hours of personal training, and are taught by instructors who are experts in their field. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning with new software and development of interpersonal skills.

While no initial payment is required for the course, tuition is paid once you are hired. Flockjay charges its students 10% of their salary for one year (as long as the salary is at least $40,000, and tuition is capped at $9,000), though students also have the option to pay $5,000 up front. Ultimately, it is up to students to decide if access to skill acquisition, mentorship, and a wide network of hiring startups are worth the unspecified end investment.

Image: via Flockjay
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