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Apr 17 2019 - 08:00 PM
TailorEd Helps Teachers Create Differentiated Lessons in Less Time

"TailorED was designed to empower teachers to reach each student - no matter whether you have a 1:1 device program or a single overhead projector." (About TailorEd)

Making Personalized Lesson Creation Manageable

Planning lessons takes time; planning multiple lessons for the same class period to address differentiated student needs can take more time than a teacher realistically has. In an attempt to help teachers personalize content for their students in an easier, less time-consuming way, TailorED created a platform to address this issue in K-12 math classes.

TailorED is a platform that allows teachers to input and easily group students according to needs they have, such as increasing confidence, feeling challenged, or increasing motivation, for each math lesson taught. Then, it provides different activities a teacher can choose for students from each group to complete so that their needs are addressed and the overall objective of the lesson is met. After completing exit tickets, student proficiency and progress are tracked in TailorED so that new activities can be suggested by the system for different groups of students.

No Tech? No Problem

While the platform helps teachers plan and implement personalizing lessons online, TailorED isn’t limited to use in high-tech classrooms. While many of their activities can be completed on personal devices or on a classroom Smartboard, many are adapted for classrooms where no screens at all are present. Printable worksheets, card games, tactile activities, and scavenger hunts ensure that digital access isn’t a barrier to classrooms wishing to utilize TailorED’s lessons.

Currently, TailorED’s platform is in beta and features math lessons for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classes. For the activities that do exist, the platform emphasizes the role of collaboration and holistic learning driven by good pedagogy and grounded in learning science. As it continues to grow in its offerings, hopefully TailorED will be able to provide these services in full-force not only to math educators, but to any K-12 teacher seeking these services.

Image: Intro to Coordinate Plane Lesson via TailorED
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