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Apr 02 2019 - 08:00pm
Knowing Together

Knowing Together is a project exploring dimensions of intimacy through collaborative photogrammetry, a technique for creating 3D scans of objects using a collection of photographs from different angles. The project began as a workshop in the Smith Learning Theater at Teachers College in September, 2018 and will launch as an exhibition on December 6, 2018.

At the workshop, 35 participants learned about 3D capture by engaging as subjects and creators. As subjects, rotating participants embraced while remaining members captured each pose in a circular sequence of photos. This process was replicated throughout a day, resulting in seven scans that have been 3D printed and are exhibiting as a sculptures in the Gottesman Library at Teachers College.

Excerpts from the discussion:

@01:12 Brian Hughes: "... a really beautiful melding..." For me, the educational essence of Rosalie's piece was combining the time it takes to generate 3D photogrammetry with the time it takes to experience intimacy.

@03:38 Carlie Zhang: It's good to see how the three different events took good use of the library space and really provided accessible experience to the public, where the audiences not only are a part of the art piece but also collaboratively created the art with the artist.

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