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Mar 24 2019 - 08:00 PM
Mathway Solves Math Problems in an Instant

Mathway is an app that gives students the resources they need to solve their math problems. In the free version, users can receive instant answers to almost any question from basic algebra to calculus. To receive step-by-step solutions and tutoring help, there are several premium plan options available starting at $9.99.


Using Mathway feels like magic. It can take virtually any math problem and provide a solution in less than a second. The graphing function is also highly effective allowing users to make adjustments in real time and add multiple functions at once. The breadth of math concepts covered is impressive ranging from basic math to linear algebra. It’s a tool that could stay with a student throughout their academic career.

In the premium version, the step-by-step solutions provide good explanations of how to arrive at the solution. They hide certain steps that the user can choose to open and review so that it’s not too overwhelming. It’s great students don’t need to wait to talk to a tutor or teacher to get specific help.


While it’s great that you can take a picture of a problem on your worksheet to get an instant solution, this functionality can be spotty at times. There were several times I provided a clear picture of the problem and the app couldn’t read it. Though the step-by-step explanations are helpful, the formatting makes them slightly difficult to follow. It might be better if each step was clearly numbered with more white space between each one.

Because the app can do so much it can be a little intimidating to use at first, especially for less experienced math learners. Customizing your view so that you could hide certain math areas might be useful.

Our Takeaway:

For students stuck on a problem or question, Mathway is an extremely effective way to find the answers they need.

Image: Mathway
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