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Mar 20 2019 - 08:00 PM
Learning for the Future

"Our mission is to educate and empower every child in the world with most relevant 21st Century Skills through focus on solutions to real world problems in order to help them prepare to thrive in the future of work." (Kidovators)

The 4Cs of 21st-Century Learning

The founders of Kidovators see an urgent need for education to adapt to the changing landscape of the working world. They estimate that sixty-five percent of students entering elementary school will grow up to have careers that don’t exist today, and are dedicated to providing an education that will equip them for this new, unknown future. Kidovators is convinced that the 4Cs (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communications) are the skills kids today need and currently lack. According to Kidovators, 90% of students report that they are not at their creative best in the classroom.

A Community of Critical and Creative Thinking

Kidovators offers an online curriculum to teach complex problem solving, and also organizes Olympiads: interschool competitions in creative and critical thinking that bring together students from schools across India. Students are challenged to evaluate claims and conclusions and to come up with creative solutions to real-world problems. One hundred thousand children have engaged with Kidovators’ tools to date, and they hope their growing partnerships with schools will allow them to work with one million children by 2023.

Image: by Church of the King via Unsplash
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