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Jan 10 2019 - 07:00pm
Learning Theater Spotlight: The Game of School

Launched in 2011, the Education Policy & Social Analysis program at Teachers College, or EPSA, unites the fields of economics, sociology, political science, and even law to comprehensively study education policy. From Pre-K to postsecondary education, the examination of the development, implementation, and effects of policy is crucial in order to promote more positive, inclusive, and successful education experiences for all. The Education Policy Foundations Seminar taught by Associate Professor of Sociology & Education Policy, Carolyn Riehl gave grad students the opportunity to demonstrate their newfound theoretical and analytical capabilities in a culminating event hosted in the Smith Learning Theater. With the help of student leaders, Desiree O’Neal and Ryan Smith, the class converted the theater into a life-sized board game and facilitated an interactive "Game of School" experience; an education-inspired twist on the Hasbro classic "The Game of Life" that highlights the factors, many of them surprising, that deeply influence one’s quality of education and academic success.

Music: Chooby by Dim Dim

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