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Aug 02 2018 - 08:00pm
Scaling Underrepresented Groups for Success in Tech

"There’s a big misconception around what it means to work for a tech company, and a huge disparity in the actual workforce itself. We’re here to change that." (Ariel Lopez, CEO 2020Shift)

Not Everyone Has to Code

2020Shift was founded in response to the everyone-has-to-code-to-work-in-tech mentality and to give underrepresented groups skills to make them competitive in tech roles. The company does this by connecting graduates to workers in tech and digital media positions, and by offering a curriculum that highlights behind-the-scenes knowledge and hands-on experience. The start-up’s focus on diversity extends to handpicked instructors who reflect their students in race, ethnicity, and gender identity. 2020Shift works collaboratively with companies to learn what "qualified" looks like, then helps clients source, assess, and hire well-matched professionals who fit the selection criteria.

Expanding Resources

Many of the start-up’s personnel have helped develop a library of resources, including titles like: Negotiation 101, The Beginner's Guide to UX/UI Design, and The Ultimate Tech Acronym List. 2020Shift’s corporate knowledge is also valuable in helping tech and digital media companies diversify their recruitment process, retain minority talent, and deliver leadership to the industry's next generation of decision makers. 2020Shift is also part of the national Tech Hire initiative, which aims to get 100,000 people employed in high paying tech jobs by 2020.

Image: Diversity in Hiring by Urban Tech Suite via Wikimedia
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