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Mar 18 2018 - 08:00pm
Combat Fake News with Daily News Quizzes from Newsmeister

How can we prepare people for the growing barrage of fake news? Newsmeister might be the answer. This free app offers daily 3-minute quizzes on current affairs. The creators hope to encourage knowledge-building and ensure that people are paying attention to real news stories.


Everyday, Newsmeister offers a new 16-question quiz on recent happenings across a range of global topics like sports, pop culture, history, and science. The faster users answer each question, the more points they receive. The app also offers three "helpers," similar to those from the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game show: 50/50, user poll, and clock freeze.

The creators of the app cull news from a variety of sources, from traditional newspapers like The Washington Post to TV networks like Fox News, and even some local news sites. The questions are fact-based and not pulled from op-ed sections. Once an answer is revealed, a link is provided to the source so that users can read the full details.

The app contains features specifically for students and teachers. Educators can create class groups where students can compete each day and throughout the school year. This feature is perfect for classes related to current events and should encourage students to pay more attention to the news.


Newsmeister is in need of a visual update. The app looks like it was designed for early-gen smartphones. Sometimes texts or other graphics are incorrectly formated. With sleek quiz-related peers quickly inundating the market, this dated app might be drowned out.

After users complete a quiz, they must watch a short advertisement before viewing their score and rank. While this type of advertising is fairly common in the free app marketplace, it’s something to consider before educators bring the quizzes into the classroom.

Our Takeaway:

Even with an outdated design, Newsmeister is a solid resource to get people paying attention to the news. Teachers will certainly want to consider this app for any classes related to current affairs.

Image: via Newsmeister
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