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Jun 27 2017 - 08:00 PM
The Plaza Finishing Program

Beaumont Etiquette founder, Myka Meier lives by the motto: "sprinkle kindness like confetti." This also happens to be the cornerstone of etiquette, the function of which goes far beyond knowing which fork to use or wearing the right clothes. It's about courtesy, respect, and being your best self. It's ever-evolving and applicable to business, travel, communication, dining, dating, and most facets of our daily lives. Meier herself was raised in a household where "yes, sir," "no, ma'am" "please" and "thank you" were the norm. She later attended finishing programs in both England and Switzerland and even trained under one of Queen Elizabeth’s former aids. The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program invites adults of all ages looking to bone up on their social protocol to the celebrated Plaza Hotel; known widely as the standard of luxury and all things refined. Here in the elegant Palm Court or chic Todd English Food Hall, students sample the complete etiquette catalog under the tutelage of Myka Meier and a series of guest experts employing a Continental European approach with some modern twists. In this safe, positive space the big questions are asked, mistakes are made, and students come to find that etiquette is not so intimidating after all. At a restaurant, event, or networking set-up at the Plaza, students have the unique opportunity to flex their burgeoning etiquette muscles for an evening before taking on the world.

Music: Zaire 54 by Tuck Pendleton