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Apr 03 2017 - 12:00am
Kano: A Computer Anyone Can Make

Kano’s mission "is to give young people—and the young at heart—a simple, fun way to make and play with technology, and to take control of the world around them." (About Kano)

Building for Play

Kano opens up the world of physical computing to kids. As computers have become more affordable and reliable, fewer people are learning what is going on inside them. Kano aims to change the way kids see computers through creating kits with all the pieces necessary to build a fully-functional computer. The Kano approach to learning follows three guiding principles: (1) simple steps, (2) storytelling, and (3) physical computing. After tying all these principles together, the overarching goal is to create a sense of play.

Kano Kit Specs

Kano gives kids the power to create through computing. The computer kit comes with (among other parts) a keyboard, a Raspberry Pi microprocessor, and a speaker to allow students to create powerful applications. A simple story accompanies the kit to explain to young builders how computers work. Building computers is just the start, once the Kano computers are powered on kids have access to a suite of open-source software games they can play or extend. Kano has gone on to build additional plug-and-play hardware kits that allow kids to create cameras, speakers, and screens.

Kano empowers kids to develop a deeper understanding of computers. It helps fill the gaps between different levels of coding by providing various levels of challenge for kids. Kano gives the next generation the ability to create with technology in fun and interesting ways.

Image: via Kano
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