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Feb 12 2017 - 07:00 PM
The YouTube of World Class Coaching

"Our mission at CoachTube is to give every athlete, regardless of budget, location, or current abilities, access to the instructions, knowledge, and motivation they need to grow and progress as athletes and students." (About CoachTube)

An App Store for Coaching

CoachTube is a collection of online coaching videos and mini-courses across dozens of sports designed to teach athletes the skills they need to improve their game. The courses are created by real coaches, some of whom are quite well known (such as Urban Meyer, head football coach at Ohio State University). Although some courses are free, the majority cost between $10-$30 to complete, depending on the length and skill level. Most courses are comprised of short videos that collectively add up to between 30-120 minutes of actual content.

Real coaches can create content on CoachTube for free, then collect the earnings made when people purchase their course. Many people target their courses toward athletes, but there are also a good number of courses geared toward coaches. These include best coaching practices in different sports as well as drill sets to improve specific skills among athletes.

Improving Access to Good Coaches

CoachTube recognizes that not all aspiring athletes have access to great coaches, so its mission is to share the insight and knowledge of the world’s best coaches with all. While it’s still a growing website, the knowledge base currently available on CoachTube is huge. Whether you want to learn how to serve the ball in tennis or improve your goalkeeping skills in soccer, CoachTube likely has a course for you.

Image: Screenshot via CoachTube
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