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Aug 21 2016 - 08:00 PM
Anyone Can Be an Ebook Creator with This App

Book Creator lets users create ebooks with ease. The app provides the book templates and lets you add multimedia to each page. Once you finish a project, you can add it to iBooks and share it with others. Although there is a free version, it limits users to one project. The $4.99 version allows users to create an unlimited number of books and provides more interesting templates, such as comic book formats.


Book Creator is easy and intuitive to use. Though similar apps normally take a big chunk of time to master, I felt confident with Book Creator’s functions and tools after just a few minutes of use. The app gives you seven add-on options (photos, videos, music audio recordings, drawings, text, sound, and pre-formatted shapes) and lets you adjust their positions and overlay options. Users can easily place text over pictures, rotate images, choose fonts, and change page and image colors. It’s an all-in-one book design app with multimedia to boot.

The app is intuitive enough for a five-year old to use, though it’s certainly not childish. Its versatility makes it a practical option for creating children’s picture books, school projects, journals, comic books, and how-to guides.


Because Book Creator is so simple to use, it doesn’t offer as much control over image and page formatting as other more complicated systems. For instance, there is no in-app cropping tool, which could limit the creative uses for images. Other image-modifying tools that you can find on Microsoft Word or Photoshop, such as transparency options, are also not available on Book Creator. In addition, the app provides pre-formed shapes, but only nine, likely not enough for the most imaginative minds.

Our Takeaway:

The magic of Book Creator is in its simplicity. Though that can sometimes limit a project, it makes the book creating process quick, easy, and enjoyable. Whether young children use it for storybooks, college students for projects, or teachers for textbooks, Book Creator has incredible potential in the classroom. Ebooks are everywhere, and this app gives anyone the power to author and design their own.

Image: Screenshot via Book Creator; an open book by katie hiscock via Flickr
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