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Jul 14 2015 - 12:00am

Leada is a professional development solution for data engineering, statistical analysis, and machine learning. Leada offers self-paced, project based online courses in Python and R aimed at working adults and high level students with specific career and learning goals in mind. Leada’s courses are asynchronous, but each learner is matched with an instructor who is always available to answer questions if users get stuck. The short, targeted courses are meant to serve as a knowledge bridge to help users level up at work or in class.


Leada’s user interface is simple to navigate and features calming nature scenes to combat any lingering data science anxiety. Progress bars are everywhere, which is a definite benefit for the skill hungry and time poor crowd that Leada is targeting. The content is divided into short, idea-based sections, so progress is quick and constant. Each section is color coded for code review, concepts, and activities, so users can quickly understand what will be required on each page. Users can get immediate feedback on each activity to ensure that they fully understand the concept before moving on to the next module.


Courses currently cost $149 each, though most of the charming video content seems to be freely available on YouTube. The cost of the tool will not be an impediment to Leada’s target audience, but might deter teachers and students from using the content in class.

Our Takeaway:

Leada is a triumph of micro-learning. It is on a mission to teach several related, specific skills and it does so with a pleasant interface, sound pedagogy, and a sense of humor. Though most R and Python skills are well-covered in open source online content, Leada seems worth it for users who don’t have the time or patience to find and evaluate sources. Everything about the product is aimed at users in need of a quick, painless skill builder. Users looking to improve their data game with minimal small talk should look no further than Leada.

Image: via Leada

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