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Jan 23 2015 - 12:00am

Kaymbu is a photo sharing app primarily aimed at pre-K and Kindergarten teachers. The app lets teachers communicate quickly, easily, and visually with parents through a system of tagged photos and logged emails. The purpose of the app is to strengthen the bond between school and home and to create a dialogue and a direct pipeline from teachers to parents. Teachers can take photos in the app, tag photos from a class list, and immediately push them via email to the relevant parents.


Kaymbu is attractively simple. Because of the targeted functionality and streamlined design, even tech-averse teachers should be able to use it right out of the box with little training. Everything is contained within the app, which helps ensure privacy and accuracy when publishing photos. Further benefits include a little counter above each student in the class so teachers can easily identify and remedy photo imbalances between class members, a teacher accessible archive, and the option to favorite and batch export photos for future projects and reports.


The app is currently only available for iPad and classic iPads can be a bit unwieldy for taking photographs, though Kaymbu’s rationale for restricting this probably stems from privacy concerns. Keeping class photographs confined to a classroom iPad means fewer images on teachers’ personal devices and Kaymbu offers dedicated rental iPads to subscribers. Payment for the app starts at $25 per month, though with a 300% click rate on photo emails and incentivized access to the parents of young children, it’s laudable and comforting that Kaymbu has not turned to ads instead of fees.

Our Takeaway:

Kaymbu’s functionality is targeted, but it stands as a uniquely visual platform in the highly competitive realm of teacher-parent communication. It’s compatibility with the play and projects of pre-K and younger elementary school classrooms makes it a great starter system for parents and students that will one day graduate to platforms like Chalk and SchoolCircle. The archive and export tools also have the potential to contribute to reporting and teacher education. Kaymbu’s export tool can quickly and efficiently create a record of classroom projects and activities that would make a good contribution to administrative reports and portfolios.

Image: via Kaymbu

Posted in: New Learning TimesEdLab Review|By: Laura Costello|194 Reads