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Feb 23 2014 - 07:00 PM

Buncee is a presentation, invitation, and newsletter platform that lets educators easily share content in and out of the classroom. This flexible tool is a presentation app accessible via browser or mobile and a distribution app for course announcements, digital lecture content, and at-home instruction for the flipped classroom. The core of the tool is Buncee’s "digital canvas," which lets users drag and drop any kind of content into their creations with the freedom to design and arrange these elements in the canvas space.

Buncee also has an interesting founder story. Marie Arturi, who also founded the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation to support research for Diamond Blackfan Anemia, needed a way to contact the participants in a conference hosted by the foundation. She wanted a circular that was easy to design and organize, but more special than a mass email. She initially designed Buncee for small business use and only recently expanded the scope to education.


Buncee’s digital canvas can be stacked into a deck for a presentation or sent singly as a lesson, e-card, or newsletter. Canvases are easy to design on the site and feature separate controls for each media type and a lot of built in design elements to help educators construct entertaining products. Instructions are also plentiful and pop up often during the first use of the dashboard. The site already seems well used and the education library is full of completed decks, many on cross-curriculum topics like the Winter Olympics, that instructors could easily integrate into their classrooms.


Large presentation decks with lots of media are sometimes slow to load and the button-click to advance the deck is a bit unwieldy for live presentations. The decks seem like they would work well for blended and flipped classrooms in which students can click links, watch videos, and advance the slides at their own pace. The free educational account only authorizes teachers to create Buncees with up to two slides, but the pro account is moderately priced at $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year and includes classroom management tools and sharing via email for up to 250 participants.

Our Takeaway:

Buncee is a flexible tool that has a lot of potential applications in the classroom. There is definitely an emerging market for traditional classroom tools adapted with attractive controls and managed editing for student use in a flipped classroom environment. The decks would work well as a student-paced presentation tool and the newsletters educators can design on the site seem flashier than your average course email.

The Bottom Line:

Buncee is Powerpoint for the flipped classroom.

Image: Logo via Buncee

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