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Jan 30 2014 - 07:00 PM

FreshGrad helps new graduates find target careers, create a web resume, and apply to positions. The site’s unique, visual grid system sets it apart from similar career finding tools like Mytonomy. The grid lets users plot their skills and work styles on a matrix that assigns potential careers based on how much the user likes and how well they can perform each style or skill. After the user completes their matrix, the site presents a list of customized professions ranked based on reported preferences with information about openings and job growth possibilities. This FreshGrid can also be adapted to a profile that users can send to potential employers to see if they would be a good fit for open positions.


FreshGrad is a visual take on the classic career aptitude tests that have been a standard of high school and college counseling for decades. Once users score a list of recommended careers, they are able to view and compare a simple representation of the outlook for job growth and salaries. The web resume offered by the site, which features the FreshGrid, is stylish and unique. FreshGrad suggests potential work activities and styles based on education and desired career, which means the process of making a grid might help students gauge the appropriateness of their chosen path and the skills they need to develop to be successful.


At present, not many companies appear to be using the site to recruit new hires. It’s also possible that students’ self-reported scores on work skills may not be accurate. FreshGrad might remedy this by offering a project-based component like the career site HireArt.

Our Takeaway:

Student debt and education remorse seem more prevalent than ever and steering students’ career expectations in high school and early college might offer a solution. Many tools will have to work in harmony to correct this and FreshGrad may be one component of a move toward greater transparency and more realistic salary and hiring expectations for incoming college students.

The Bottom Line:

FreshGrad is clearly simplifying the career search process.

Image: Logo via FreshGrad

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