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Dec 15 2013 - 07:00 PM

Elevatr is a business planning app that focuses on early stage startups. The central feature is a structured planning dialogue that helps prospective founders think deeply about their product in the initial stages of development. The app guides users through creating and expressing their ideas, assessing potential customers, building a landing page, and moving through initial testing. During this process, users are able to reach out to the Elevatr staff and community for help and guidance.


Elevatr starts very simply and in the initial idea stages acts as nothing more than an uncommonly pretty and highly structured note-taking system. It is lightly gamified with progress bars and encouraging dialogues. Once users have completed an idea, the system becomes more complex and helpful. Users are encouraged to share their idea with an Elevatr representative who is able to connect them to a network of contractors including designers, developers, and content writers.


The app, which is currently optimized for iPhone only, is sometimes confusingly simple. For instance, it is difficult for a first time user to know when they are sharing idea content with Elevatr staff. The site emphasizes its privacy policy, but more transparency and instruction could be helpful.

Our Takeaway:

Elevatr is pleasant and helpful as a place to think about and record ideas for startups and powerful as a networking tool for aspiring entrepreneurs who may not have strong contacts in their target business. Recently several online tools and communities have emerged to assist new founders in their transition, including an upcoming course on the new open platform Iversity. Elevatr’s strength in this field is helping users think critically and develop ideas. It is possible to envision the app’s strong framework and mobile format applied to other complex endeavors like writing academic papers or planning lessons.

The Bottom Line:

Elevatr facilitates developing ideas and finds ideal developers.

Image: Logo via Elevatr

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