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Nov 21 2013 - 12:00am
Action Heroes Dance Class

This isn't your sister's dance class. In fact, your sister isn't even allowed, which is good, because you wouldn't want her to discover your super hero powers anyway. Action Heroes Dance Class is a high-energy boys-only dance class that takes super heroes as inspiration for the strengthening of body and mind through both imagination and creative movement. As they improvise, learn technical dance moves, and, of course, leap over tall buildings in a single bound (by way of a grand jeté), the boys gain awareness and control of their bodies, as well as the wonderful possibilities of dance-battling super-villains who would stifle their enthusiasm. This class respects that dance is for everyone and creates a supportive environment for boys to be boys, as action heroes and more, while embracing creativity and joyful movement natural to all young people. (learn more via Spoke the Hub)