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Nov 04 2013 - 07:00 PM

HireArt is a text and video based interview platform for positions in marketing, sales, and customer service. The tool presents applicants with a series of work task challenges that are meant to demonstrate professionalism, skill, and good judgment. Examples of these challenges include composing business emails, booking travel itineraries, and participating in social media campaigns. The company seems particularly popular among startups, perhaps because these businesses hire programmers based on technical interviews and demonstrated ability and may be interested in quantifying the soft skills used in non-technical roles.


The site is free to job seekers, with a two-tier pricing structure for companies. HireArt also periodically schedules events to match candidates and companies in particular fields; they recently put together an edtech event. The site asks a lot of candidates, but it also gives back in the form of an individualized résumé review and job search assistance. After candidates submit their challenge videos and documents, a HireArt staff member analyzes their application and matches them with potential opportunities they may not have seen.


This individualized attention is HireArt’s point of difference, but as the site grows this process may not be scalable. Because the site relies on company funding, balancing the number and quality of candidates with the volume of company postings will be essential to HireArt’s continuing development, and maintaining this harmony seems very staff-intensive.

Our Takeaway:

Technology is reshaping the hiring process and it is likely that in the job search of the future, candidates are going to have to prove their skills before the interview. This development may lead to a move away from reliance on traditional credentials and towards demonstrable skills. Many of the candidates who have already been matched on the site seem to have impressive school credentials, but it may not always be this way. HireArt seems ready to bring a degree-neutral culture to non-technical hiring.

The Bottom Line:

HireArt elevates hiring beyond the résumé.

Image: Logo via HireArt

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