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Jun 20 2019 - 12:19am
Discipline In Public Schools

During our first weekly brown bag discussion, we talked about the recent college admission scandal. We touched on some of the issues affecting public schools including how to deal with students who have disciplinary problems. We decided to focus on student discipline as the sole focus for the following brownbag. As part of the preparation for the discussion, we watched an interview of a retired public teacher. Some of the problems highlighted by the retired teacher is commonplace in some high schools.


Many people can blame the government, the teachers or the system but in our discussion, we've agreed that to change the public school system, it needs to start with student discipline. Without the discipline, teachers can’t do their job as they will spend most of their class time worrying about the disruptive students. This affects the students who actually want to learn. In order to deal with the disruptive students, we concluded that one way is for schools to recruit and maintain more social workers and individuals who can relate to the students or have a similar background as them. Apart from this idea, what's another way to deal with trouble students in

our public schools?

By: Samba Doukhansy|75 Reads