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Apr 10 2019 - 10:42am
A New Generation of Library Systems Software

Marshall Breeding provided an overview of software trends in libraries across the globe in last year's Library Systems Report from American Libraries. A 2019 systems report is expected in early May.

In his report, Breeding notes that more academic libraries are moving away from traditional Integrated Library Systems (ILS), and towards new modular products provided by Library Service Platforms (LSP). The LSP is comprised of micro-services in which libraries have more freedom to customize their product and choose which modules fit their needs rather than purchase a bundle of vendor-determined services.

This cost effective and flexible option has attracted many academic libraries with a need to consolidate a variety of resources from multiple providers for a seamless user experience. No longer a fringe alternative, LSPs seem to be the mainstream choice for academic libraries.

One LSP making quick strides is an open-source option called FOLIO. Duke University, Cornell University, and The University of Chicago are among its earliest adopters. A quick video below outlines Duke's experience with FOLIO in their library. Duke also uses Serial Solutions, an Ex Libris product owned by Proquest, to manage journal articles, accompanied by a streamlined library catalog for print/digital books and archival materials.

Breeding says FOLIO is poised to join or even disrupt the traditional library software market, which has been dominated by vendors with generations of library experience.

|By: Kalliopi Mathios|267 Reads