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Feb 11 2019 - 02:38pm
What will it take to make VR actually worthwhile to use?

Virtual reality is a showy piece of digital technology promising a future of immersive experiences, both educational and entertaining. Yet, it's been around for nearly two decades and is still disappointingly expensive, awkward, isolating, and sometimes straight-up unimpressive. Why is this? I've reflected quite a bit on the ineffectiveness of VR while trying out and searching for new experiences for the HTC Vive, because while I have had maybe two or three spectacular VR experiences, especially when compared to the speed at which AR is improving, most VR programs I've tried have elicited the shrug emoji from me. Here's a video Tech Insider produced which really resonated with me; it sums up some reasons why VR is the way it is, and poses a few suggestions. What do you think the future of VR looks like? What will it take for VR to improve enough to be effective? 

|By: Melanie Hering|309 Reads