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Dec 07 2018 - 09:38 AM
Mapping a Universe of Connections

As we're starting to rethink Rhizr in our current sprint in the dev team, one thing that came up was how Rhizr can help us map connections between ideas. As users reuse and remix Rhizrs, the branching structure can represent a cool map of interconnections between ideas.

In that spirit we wondered if anyone had thought of mapping the vast web of wikipedia entries. This being the internet, of course someone has spent time to build what he called the WikiGalaxy, and it is very cool.

But what about the universe of the entire internet? Here's one

The internet map especially is cool. It borrows concepts from physics to determine the size and distance of the "planets" i.e. web pages.

Inspired by these cool maps, we are thinking about building a universe of tags for the new PK. Stay tuned!

|By: Iyob Gebremariam|689 Reads