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Sep 25 2018 - 06:15pm
Python--The Language You Should Know

Python has grown in popularity in recent years. This article in the Economist talks about how python has become a hit with individuals interested in learning a programming language. Python was created by Dutch computer scientist Guido van Rossum in the late 1980s. Van Rossum was frustrated by other programming languages and wanted to build something simple and easy to read. Python has become so popular it has been googled more times than Kim Kardashian in the past year. It’s popularity is not just among developers but also interested learners. According to Codeacademy, python is by far the most in demand programming language among its users. The CIA uses it for hacking and Pixar for making films.

Python gained its popularity by having simple syntax which makes its code easy to learn and share. It allows users to create neural networks to pick out patterns in large quantities of data. Python is easily useable for nontechnical jobs such as college professors who use it to check if grades are distributed properly. Python also has a huge array of third- party packages making it a good general purpose language.

Do you know python? If so, what are the pros and cons? If not, are you interested in learning and why?

Posted in: Technology|By: Saleem Sallah|359 Reads