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Sep 11 2018 - 05:22pm
Bear and Eagle - Building the Exhibit

Step into Everett Cafe and visit our latest Cafe Book Collection, Bear and Eagle: Something More Than Intelligence. This exhibit explores the US-Russia relationship with books offering insight into the policies, history and circumstances that have led these two countries to this current moment in time. 

Curated by Jennifer Govan

Designed by Angela Perrone

The Making of Bear and Eagle

Upon some deliberation, design discussion and decisions, the concept for Bear and Eagle was ready to be created and fabricated. We set our sights on a 007 theme. The first step was taking the measurements of the monitor as well as the wooden backboard (platform) that were to be incorporated into the design. (Note: This platform came pre-built.) 

With the measurements and template plugged into Illustrator, I created the the layout and digital elements for the design. This file acted as both an initial digital sketch and as a guide for the designs the final assets that were cut on the laser cutter.

First I laser cut the the circle to act as a stencil. In order to get the dimensions on the digital design to map perfectly to the physical object, I measured out exactly where the circle sat on the platform based on its location on the digital model. I taped the circle stencil to the location on the platform, traced it, removed the stencil and then drilled a hole in the center of the traced circle on the platform. I then used the drilled hole to insert the jigsaw and proceeded to hand cut the circle out of the wood. 

Before adding anything to the facade of the platform, I needed to flip it over and build the bedding and mount for the monitor. I cut small pieces of plywood to size, and fit them into place where the monitor would sit. I drilled them to the platform and used wood glue for additional support. 

I removed the TV and flipped the platform over, facade-side up. Since the hole I had cut earlier was had some jagged edges, I laser cut a rim out of black museum board about 1" in thickness to cover these edges and to blend in with the background. I then adhered it to the platform. 

Next I needed to cut the swirl pieces out of white museum board. To install them perfectly onto the platform, I needed to create a physical guide, an inverted stencil, if you will. I laser cut the outline of the white shapes (the circle opening and the swirl pattern) to act as this physical guide. I made this out of cardboard and then taped it down in place on the platform. I attached each piece one-by-one, removing the stencil pieces after laying each swirl down and attaching it to the platform. 


Applying the letters to the platform was a bit more complicated, as some of them would have to sit on top of the white swirls. To get them flush against both the platform and the swirls, I needed to create a way to nest the letters perfectly onto the top of the white pieces. To do this, I created two layers of letters. I cut the top layer out of cardboard. I cut a second layer (the bottom layer) out of museum board, but cut this bottom layer to the contours of the white shapes that they would sit upon. I mounted the two layers together and then spray painted each completed letter. 

Once again I used a stencil as a guide for laying out the letters in order to adhere them to the platform. 

Next I stood the platform up and installed the monitor. I kept it in place with a few layers of foam core, screws and metal brackets. 

And this is how Bear and Eagle came to life!

By: Angela Perrone|700 Reads