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Jul 09 2018 - 09:02am
Living On College Campus

One of the biggest decisions I’ve made in my young life so far is going away to college. I left the comfort of home and my family for a new experience. Once on campus, students have to deal with a roommate, who they are most likely meeting for the first time. You would think it’s a good idea to pick your own roommate, however, some schools such as Duke University disagrees. Duke argues that randomly assigning roommates may promote diversity, a new experience, and a better social life for the student and the school as a whole. I do not agree with all their reasons for randomly assigning roommates for freshmen students. 


I can personally attest that knowing your roommate is better than not knowing them at all. My roommate has had little to no effect on the friends I have made or the activities I do on campus.  Furthermore, rooming with someone you know erases any initial awkwardness and also makes the setting of dorm rules peaceful and less hostile. My roommate and I have known each other for about five years now. As a result, we get along very well. Our freshman year experience went so well we’ve decided to do it again this coming fall.

By: Evans Asamoah|166 Reads