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Jul 03 2018 - 12:58pm
Top Colleges Are Affordable for Some

 Many high school seniors and their families think it cost a lot of money to attend a private or even state public school. They see $30,000 per year and never take time to apply. I was one of them when I was applying to colleges several years ago. I am currently enrolled at a community college and will probably transfer to one of the CUNY schools. However, after reading this article from New York TimesI am considering all options.

Overall, "top schools" are very affordable to poor and middle-class students, especially when you take into account the amount of financial aid they are likely to receive. Students from homes where parents make $20k a year do not invest any money while students whose parents make $40k a year invest about $7k overall towards tuition at top schools. For families where parents can make as much as $500K, it is normal to pay the full tuition, which can go up to $70K.

Should more poor and middle-class students consider options at top schools given the amount of money it can potentially cost them?

By: Junior Trujillo|136 Reads