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Jun 27 2018 - 10:55pm
The Power of Social Media

I have been a social media user for some time now. However, I never thought one of my professors would use social media (i.e. Twitter) for review a day before the exam. It was very helpful as many people participated, asked questions and it was a perfect way to study for an exam. In this NPR piece, the author talks about a teacher who wanted to show her students how fast information can be spread on the Internet and the power of social media. To demonstrate, the teacher and her students posted something on Twitter and asked people to retweet or reply to the post with their location. They expected about a 1,000 retweets, but after few days, there were 227,000 retweets.


The author believes that social media can be helpful when it’s being used the right way. She uses the same methods my professor was using with us to post assignments and as a forum for students to tweet questions or thoughts on a specific lesson. However, it can also cause issues such as keeping social media interactions between students and teachers appropriate.


Teachers have a different perspective on interacting with their students on social media. Some teachers avoid interacting with their students on social media because they feel like it’s too personal while others make the most of it. Some teachers use a dedicated hashtag to keep the students updated on classroom notes and homework assignments because they believe students check their social media accounts more than their school email.

By: Samba Doukhansy|539 Reads